KIDH Laboratory

Our Laboratory

KIDH Laboratory is among the seven satellites laboratories in Tanzania which borders Tanzania and Kenya in the North-Eastern zone. KIDH laboratory provides services to admitted patients and outpatients such as those from Siha district Hospital. The laboratory offers services in the fields of Microbiology, Mycobacteriology, Serology, Haematology and Blood transfusion, Clinical Chemistry, Immunohaematology and Parasitology. The laboratory also serves as a zonal (North-eastern zone) reference laboratory for TB/MDR-TB services including molecular tests (Gene xpert testing and Line Probe Assay), smear and culture. The laboratory is within KIDH compound.


Scope Of Laboratory Services

The Laboratory aim to provide quality, appropriate, cost effective and timely services to meet customer satisfaction and effectively fulfill its stated objectives. KIDH Laboratory provides diagnostic services in the following fields of Medical Laboratory medicine as shown in the table below.

Service NameDescription
Reception/PhlebotomyThis section receives samples from various wards in the Hospital and those referred, collect samples from Outpatients, sample inspection and accessioning and distributes to the respective sections for testing.
Clinical Chemistry The section performs clinical chemistry tests like Renal Function Tests, Liver Function Tests, Lipid Profile, total protein using FULLY and Screen Master Automated Chemistry Analyzers. The section also performs Electrolytes and Blood gases analysis using ABL 80 FLEX, GlycatedHemoglobin test using DCA Vantage Analyzer, Hormonal tests such as T3, T4, TSH, Allergy tests, tumor markers by using Mini Vidasanalyzer.
HematologyThe section performs haematological examinations including Complete Blood Count by using ABX Micros 60 and ABX Pentra 80 analyzers, Manual Sickling test, Manual Peripheral Blood Smears, Hemoglobin estimation by using hemocue, CD4/CD8/CD3 counts by using Facs Count.
SerologyThe section performs serological examinations like Urinary Pregnancy Test, Widal Test, Rapid tests for Syphilis, Brucellosis, Hepatitis B/C, H-Pylori, Dengue feverand Cryptococcal antigen.
MicrobiologyThe section performs microbiological tests like Indian Ink, gram stain, culture and DST for stool, urine, swab and other body fluids like Cerebral Spinal Fluid, pleural effusion, ascitic fluid.
The section also performs Biochemical tests for identification of the isolated organisms
The section performs manual Parasitological examinations like stool analysis, urine analysis, blood smears for hemoparasites and Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test.
Blood BankingThe section performs Blood grouping and Cross-Matching tests
MycobacteriologyThe section performs solid culture for AFB using LJ media, smear microscopy using LED microscope, Molecular testing for TB by using GeneXpert and Line Probe Assay (Hain Test). Currently, the TB sectionperformmolecular Drug Susceptibility Testing for first line (Rifampicin and Isoniazid) and second line drugs (Injectables and fluoroquinolones). The section is equipped with Biosafety Cabinet level II, GeneXpert Machine, Line Probe Assay system, LED microscope.


Laboratory Quality Objectives

  • To provide quality laboratory services that will meet customer satisfaction.
  • To produce all Laboratory results within the Laboratory agreed turnaround time
  • To reduce service interruption by providing adequate supplies, reagents and equipment for carrying out tests.
  • To continuously improve quality management system by reducing pre–examination, examination and post-examination errors.
  • To make sure laboratory comply with ISO 15189 standard.


Scope Of Laboratory Services

KIDH Clinical laboratory management and staff are committed to the implementation of a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO15189:2012 standard, national and international regulations including those of accrediting bodies.